The purpose of this test is to evaluate the heart’s reaction to exercise in a clinical setting. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is often misdiagnosed while a person is at rest, however, this test may be performed on a treadmill or stationary bike and is very helpful in making the diagnosis. It is also useful for keeping tabs on the health of those with different types of cardiac disease. If you are experiencing cardiac-related symptoms, Best Cardiology Brooklyn can help you get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan in place. It’s possible that a Heart Doctor in Brooklyn can provide a correct diagnosis for your heart by ordering more tests. 


The Importance of this Test 

If your doctor suggests a stress test, it could be because of the following: 

Arrhythmias of the heart develop when the heart’s electrical signals fail to function normally. Arrhythmias include abnormally fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat. 

The main source of blood, oxygen, and nutrition for your heart is the coronary arteries. Whenever these vessels are damaged or sick, coronary artery disease results. The accumulation of fatty deposits, including triglycerides and several substances, is usually to blame for this. 

Once a heart issue has been detected, this test can assist your doctor to evaluate the efficacy of your treatment. Your doctor can use the findings of the tests to determine the best course of treatment for you. 


The Potential Dangers of this Test 

Stress tests are usually harmless. Rarely do complications arise. Some of the potential problems that could arise during this test include: 


The possible outcomes of this test 

You may not require any further testing if the results of your test indicate that your heart function is normal. 

Nuclear stress testing or echocardiography pre-exercise,  post-exercise, or medicines to improve the circulation of blood to the cardiac muscle may be recommended if findings are normal but symptoms persist. The increased accuracy of these tests comes at a higher price. 

Your physician will use the data from a stress test to formulate a treatment plan if it turns out that you have coronary heart disease or arrhythmia. Coronary angiography or other diagnostic procedures may be necessary. 

If you underwent a stress test in order to help your doctor decide how to manage your heart problem, he or she will take the results into account. 


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