To detect or treat some heart disorders like blocked arteries or irregular heartbeats, a catheter is directed through a coronary artery in a technique known as cardiac catheterization. Medical professionals can learn a great deal about the heart’s muscles, valves, and blood channels during cardiac catheterization. Numerous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as well as the removal of a sample of heart tissue for further analysis, are all possible during cardiac catheterization. Cardiac catheterization is used in the treatment of heart disease in some cases (such as in cardiac angioplasty and coronary stenting). You will be given tranquilizers to help you relax while fully conscious throughout the operation. Cardiac catheterization has a short recovery period and minimal risk of complications. Best Cardiology Brooklyn can provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan if you are suffering from cardiac-related symptoms. Heart Doctor Brooklyn may be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis after conducting additional testing.

Under what circumstances is a cardiac catheterization necessary? 

For these reasons and more, cardiac catheterization is performed. 

Potential consequences 

It carries the same inherent dangers as any procedure involving the cardiovascular system. Serious side effects, however, are unusual.

The potential dangers of cardiac catheterization include: 

Who is in charge of carrying out this operation? 

Your cardiac catheterization will be performed in a cardiac catheterization laboratory by a cardiac physician and a group of cardio fellows, nurses, and technicians. 

What is the average length of time for a cardiac catheterization? 

While the actual heart catheterization operation only takes around 30 minutes, the time spent getting ready for it and recovering from it can extend your appointment by several hours (five to nine hours or longer). The surgery will likely take the whole day, so schedule accordingly. It may take longer, up to a couple of hours, if your doctors opt to perform an intervention like an angioplasty. 


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