Heart valves can be irreversibly damaged by rheumatic fever, leading to the condition known as rheumatic heart disease. Streptococcal infections, such as pharyngitis or scarlet fever, can cause damage to the heart valves, and symptoms may appear soon after the illness is left untreated or undertreated. Valve damage that persists after the immune reaction has subsided is a product of the inflammatory state that inflammation generates in the body. If you suspect you have this disease, you should get care from the Best Cardiology in Brooklyn has to offer. Cardiologists in Brooklyn can order an electrocardiogram and other tests to detect and ward off this condition. 

To what extent do these symptoms manifest themselves? 

Symptoms of rheumatic fever can include: 

 The damage to the heart valves can cause a variety of symptoms, some of which are: 

Why does it happen? 

It is a disorder that can make the cardiac, articulations, epidermis, and mind inflamed. It is the leading cause of rheumatic heart disease. Over time, inflammation and scarring can develop on the heart valves. The heart valve may become narrowed or leak, making regular cardiac function more difficult. This can lead to heart failure over time, which may be quite a while.  

Although everybody, regardless of age, is at risk for developing rheumatic fever, disease incidence peaks in the 5 to 15-year-old demographic. Countries with developed healthcare systems, like the United States, see comparatively few cases. 

What are the risks of this disease? 

Heart problems from rheumatic fever include: 

This may result from a leaking heart valve or a severely constricted one. 

          Heart valve replacement or repair surgery is an immediate necessity. 

What is the long-term prognosis for those who suffer from this disease? 

People with rheumatic heart disease who are treated effectively can have a fulfilling existence. Heart failure may be postponed or even avoided with the appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, this is a chronic condition that will require ongoing medical attention. 


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