Plaque accumulation in the epicardial coronary arteries is the primary cause of ischemic heart disease, which is the inability to provide a sufficient supply of blood to the myocardium. This disease can lead to complications like heart attacks and heart failure. Ischemic heart disease is most commonly characterized by the traditional symptom of exertional angina, nevertheless, patients may present with unusual or no symptoms at all. Routine screening is not recommended, however, testing may uncover ischemic cardiac disease in asymptomatic patients. If you suspect you have this disease, you should get care from the Best Cardiologist in Brooklyn has to offer. A cardiologist in Brooklyn can order an ECG and other tests to detect and avert this. 

Symptoms, if any, of ischemic heart disease are considered stable if they are not rapidly worsening and no previous occlusion, procedural intervention, or indicators of severe continuing cardiac necrosis have occurred. When compared to other cardiac diseases, stable ischemic heart disease (SIHD) is the more favorable prognosis. Although ACS and SIHD share a common pathophysiological basis, ACS is often treated very differently from SIHD in terms of possible assessment, diagnostic testing, and medicinal and procedural therapy. People with low-risk unstable angina may be treated in the same way as those with stable coronary heart disease under certain conditions. 


How can one recognize the onset of this disease? 

Due to this condition, blood flow in the coronary arteries is reduced. These arteries supply the cardiac muscle with oxygen-rich blood. Different signs may indicate that the heart is receiving a suboptimal amount of oxygen and blood. Manifestations can vary widely across individuals. 


Ischemic heart disease symptoms are often present 

You may suffer from symptoms of ischemic heart disease on a regular basis, on an occasional basis, or not at all. Clinical manifestations include chest discomfort, chest tightness, and shortness of breath when: 


Signs and symptoms that could be life-threatening 

A heart attack can be brought on by ischemic heart disease. Please seek immediate medical attention if you develop any of the following potentially fatal conditions: 


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